Friday, May 28, 2010

Agile Adoption in the Banking Industry

I was organizing my email today (large backlog as usual, need to put in a policy where I purge things after 6 mths) and came across a summary I had from an agile adoption survey a few of my colleagues conducted with several large banks. This is by no means a scientific survey, just one that was conducted with senior leaders from several different banks. Thought it was interesting to share. Here are the key findings:

1) Banks are using agile in tactical ways

2) Their usage is largely limited to applying two practices “iterative development” and “co-located teams”

3) Architecture is not interested

4) Business and development are interested with QA on the fence

5) Compelling reason is reduce time to market

6) Main barrier is cultural, looks like there is a strong culture factor against it

7) Key challenge is estimation, they are unable to apply it within their current budgeting model

8) Key success factors are executive sponsorship with appropriate coaching

This aligns with a general observation that I have noticed as well. The movement is largely developer driven with business wanting to get in but challenged by their budgeting model. Architecture and QA are largely not bought in.

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